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Here is my thinking of the big problem on Nikon D750. You can see a lot of good reviews out there, but nobody will tell you the real thing about the big problem. For me professional photographer, in my opinion it is not a very good camera, and I hope that Nikon make a movement to give a solution, because the problem and the mistake on the design is very far away from what I supposed to be a photo camera. This things is on my camera, maybe in other cameras it works good.

I hope nikon give a solution to the problem very soon without more mistakes. In my country, it will be sell in the Pro line, I think this is not pro. Be careful with my opinion and my thinking about the camera, exercise caution in my opinion, take into account that absolute truth does not exist. The problem is the shadow flare line, and the intensity of the flare probably caused by the same problem. Of course if you put a hood on the lens there will be no flare, but again the shadow appear; shifting to another angle, perhaps less exaggerated, but comes back. I will do a lot of pictures with flare, that can play in your favour, but not with this shadow line and that intensity. I think that this is not normal. Without a hood, I do it many years, and other more cameras of Nikon I can play much better with the flares, and of course, without the shadow line, or I will never see it before. In my camera D750 it is exaggerated with a shadow line, and with the big problem that you cannot see it through the viewfinder to avoid it. One thing to note is that not all lens will do the same stuff you will see here. Try it yourself.

Thanks for watching my problem.

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