An English translation of an article published by NHK where they talk about the next generation 12 bit 8K 120 fps SHV or Super Hi-Vision CMOS image sensor. The London 2012 Olympic Games will have selected events broadcast in SHV to venues throughout the world. See here for more information we covered on the NHK transmission of the London 2012 Olympics in Super Hi-vision.

Specifications of the image sensor
Type of sensor: CMOS image sensor
Size of the light* receiving surface: 21.5 mm vertical × 12.1 mm horizontal
Number of pixels: 4320 horizontal X 7680 vertical
Frame rate: / 120 fps
Gradation: 12-bit
Scanning method: Progressive scanning
Drive power*: About 2.5 W

* Compared to conventional image sensors for super high-definition, compact and low consumption
It also provides power.

◆ at 120 frames per second – develop an image sensor for Super Hi-Vision camera, take pictures clear – even fast-moving subject

○ In NHK, toward the realization of next-generation broadcasting service with a sense of presence in higher quality, but the research and development (SHV) Super Hi-Vision. This time, NHK, in collaboration with the Institute of Electronic Engineering National University Corporation Shizuoka University, which can also be clearly photographed fast-moving subject, CMOS image sensor * 2 for SHV camera frame rate of 120 frames per second * 1)) was developed.

○ In SHV So far, we have expressed in approximately 60 frames per second sequential scanning, a high-definition video and ultra (3,300 million) 16 times the number of pixels of HDTV. This time, two times the frame rate of conventional, has developed an image sensor for camera can be taken at SHV (progressive scanning) 120 frames per second.

○ SHV image sensors are often the number of pixels, it was difficult to operate at high speed so far. This time, by developing a new circuit (signal output), high-speed operation of the image sensor circuit output from the sensor circuit that converts analog signals into digital signals that are output from each pixel and the (conversion circuit AD), a digital signal has been achieved.

○ Thus, even fast-moving subject, you can take a picture as clear and smooth high-resolution video and more became possible. In order to deliver to everyone who watch the video in higher quality with more presence, NHK will continue, and will promote the research and development of SHV.

○ This result was reported in (ISSCC2012) IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference, International Conference was held in the United States on Thursday 23 to Sunday 19 February. In addition, the Institute can be found at public broadcasting technology, which will be held on Sunday 27 to Thursday 24 May.

※ 1 The number of images per second.
※ 2 Image sensor was used (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) complementary metal oxide semiconductor. Are suitable for high speed operation and high functionality compared with the CCD image sensor.

Original NHK article is here.

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