All this bitching and moaning about the cost of accessories for the RED Scarlet X camera by guys clinging onto a false belief that they can talk others out of buying the camera and outshining them. Ding Dong what’s that the BS squad here has the news for the Super Memes: Your time is up! Your paid endorsements stink! Your lies are over. Workshop that. Let us sit back and watch as “They run this way. They run that way. They are confused. They are afraid.” The Despot DP’s reign is over thanks to cheaper better camera accessories that are endorsement free.
Do even a just a small amount of research and you can find guys like Wooden Camera that do great RED accessories for the EPIC and Scarlet X + DSLR cameras at very cost effective prices.

Easy Top (Epic X)
A fixed top plate designed for Epic-X

– Arrays of 1/4-20 holes in Red spacing
– Multiple 3/8-16 holes for large aks
– Removable Link Cover for when the longest Redmote range is needed

Side Handle (Leather)
Bolts on to provide additional mounting holes and carrying options.

– real leather ergonomic grip
– array of 1/4-20 holes in Red Spacing
– multiple 3/8-16s for additional accessories

Ultimate Top Mount (15mm)
The most flexible top mounting solution.

– 15mm studio top rods with low profile thumbscrews
– Baseplate style locking mechanism
– Arri standard dovetail slot for Steadicam low mode/upsidedown camera mounting

Universal EVF Mount (Red)
The Universal EVF Mount will accept most current EVFs and LCDs.

– Multiple Configurations
– Accepts Red, Cineroid, and more
*EVF and camera not included

Top Handle (Rubber)
Bolts on for secure camera carrying.

– no-slip rubber grip
– two 1/4-20 holes on front for additional accessory mounting

See Wooden Camera for more details.

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