Thanks to John Hope we now get to see the second test video vision of the new CINEMA Picture Style shot with a Canon 5D MKII and a Russian Praktica lens. We first shared and talked about the exciting Canon Picture Style here. The new CINEMA Picture Profile is only days away from being released we are told.

The new CINEMA Picture Style will be available soon.

– Best latitude ever, but with a nice contrasty image
– Keeps details on shadows and highlights while remaining quite contrasted.
– Vivid colors on low saturated areas, no greyish or monochromatic cast
– Analog like colors on high saturated areas
– Very sharp image,
– Ektachrome colorimetry
– Doesn’t need color grading
– Best usage of the 8 bit codec

The new CINEMA Picture Style was developed analyzing and replicating the Kodak Ektachrome colorimetry, and combined with a digital look and feel of high end digital cameras.

the CINEMA Picture Style is suited for features and short movies, world class advertising, theaters

Compatibility: Canon EOS cameras

Again watch this space.

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