Sponsor post: Midas Mount have a new render of their upcoming SnapFocus follow focus rig they have kindly shared with us. Seems to be a more refined unit now compared to the prototype we have seen previously.

Check out Focus one of the vids Midas Mount have out showing off the SnapFocus in action:

FOCUS is a series of spots produced by the Midas Mount filmmaking team that put all of our camera support equipment to the test and our 2010 M3 Saloon into some serious tailspins.
In this third installment, our driver is on a serious mission to get into place for a sniper shot. His weapon of choice? The all new Midas Mount SnapFocus.
Check out the SnapFocus by Midas Mount, a revolutionary new way to pull focus at the grip level of your DSLR support. The SnapFocus empowers filmmakers to pull off Hollywood production value on a shoestring budget.

See Midas Mount for more information on their cine gear grip solutions and camera accessories. Also grab one of the SnapFocus follow focus camera rigs while you are there.

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