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ARRI Warranty


A new extended warranty is being offered at an extremely economical price-point for owners of AMIRA cameras, while ALEXA warranties, available for all current ALEXA models including the new ALEXA Mini, are being reduced in price by 50%.
The highly affordable prices of the re-launched extended warranties have been made possible by the proven track record of these cameras to withstand continual use in challenging environments without technical issues. Their exceptional build quality and reliability means that repairs are very rarely necessary, and ARRI is happy to pass this saving on to its customers.

Extended warranties can be purchased at the same time as the camera or later, though plans purchased after delivery will require the camera to be re-certified by an official ARRI service center.


A great advantage of extended warranties is that they offer a fixed cost of ownership and a level of service that goes beyond the standard. Plans are available on an annual basis and cover all parts and labor required due to defects in materials or workmanship that prevent the camera, any installed options, and the EVF from operating within factory specifications.

The potential savings are significant. Although manufactured to exacting standards, ARRI cameras are often subjected to demanding and sometimes unanticipated conditions on set, and will require maintenance from time to time. The worry of large and unplanned repair expenses can be avoided entirely by investing in an affordable extended warranty plan.

Because there is never any time lost waiting for purchase orders or payments for out-of-warranty repairs, and because cameras covered under the plan go into a priority repair queue, downtime is reduced to the absolute minimum.


Previously, extended warranties were only available directly from ARRI service subsidiaries, but they can now be purchased through any official ARRI point of sales – subsidiaries, distributors or resellers. Please contact your local sales person to learn more about the many benefits of these plans and the options that will best suit your needs, or to purchase one today!

Please visit ARRI website for more information.

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