A little birdy chirped in my ear about Letus having a good quality follow focus unit that has a knockout price for the features. For under $600 you get a built from the ground up solid follow focus unit from Letus which is suitable for rigs with 15mm rods.
Here is what is on their website:

Letus Follow Focus Unit

Our number one most requested accessory has finally been completed! Introducing the Letus Follow Focus. The highest quality follow focus you can buy for under $600 (forecasted price). There is not a piece in this system that has not been custom designed and built. Not a single “off the shelf” part was used. Everything is completely made from scratch to our precise specifications. We also CNC mill every component and do not resort to cheap plastic or metal casting in our production process.

The Letus Follow Focus is built out of anodized aluminum and stainless steel. It features an adjustable tension so you can tame those loose focus rings. The lens gear can be moved to either the front or back of the gear box for easier positioning on lenses. The entire setup can be mounted either to the left or right of a lens depending on your needs/preference. The gear box has forward/reverse switching so you can have the wheel spin whichever direction you prefer for pulling focus. The 15mm bracket is quick release and can be snapped to your support rods without removing any other components. This makes it very easy to add or remove the follow focus without breaking down your kit.

We will be releasing further specifications, detailed pricing, and release date once our beta testers have completed their final reviews. We are extremely excited to bring this product to market and are proud of the end result. This will bring a high end follow focus within reach of the beginner/intermediate budget range.

For more info on the Letus Follow Focus go to Letusdirect.

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