And here we thought full spectrum lights were the soul domain for those into hydroponics…

The LED True Full Spectrum light, developed by Visible Sunlight Inc, has a multitude of applications in the photography, motion picture and video industries.

LED True Full Spectrum light

When it comes to shooting photos, there’s nothing quite like natural sunlight. The sun provides a full spectrum of colors and produces the most authentic-looking tones and shades.

Of course we all know that shooting photographs outdoors all the time is not practical. Obviously, there are many instances when photos must be taken indoors and then there’s the weather factor. And what if the photo shoot needs to take place at night?

Visible Sunlight Inc. has the answer. They have developed an LED lighting system that simulates sunlight.

The LED True Full Spectrum light, produced by the company Visible Sunlight Inc. provides the same type of illumination as natural sunlight. All that’s needed is a 110-volt outlet and the LED True Full Spectrum creates a 10-foot diagonal square of light that works just like sunshine. It produces 2,800 lumens.

“This LED system has the potential to revolutionize the photography, motion picture and video industries,” said a company spokesman. “It will bring new life and vibrancy to all kinds of pictures. Plus, it’s runs much cooler than standard photography and motion picture lighting, and it uses much less electricity.”

Due to financial constraints, Visible Sunlight Inc. has developed just two small prototypes thus far. They work fine and demonstrate the ability to generate a rainbow of colors, which simulate visible sunlight.

A larger LED fixture is required for photography and Visible Sunlight, Inc. needs additional funding to move forward with product development.

In order to generate the capital necessary for further research, materials and testing, Visible Sunlight Inc. has launched an Indiegogo campaign, which can be viewed at

Visible Sunlight Inc. is hoping to raise $21,000. Those supporting this project are welcome to donate any amount. A contribution of $325 brings a limited edition, hand-crafted LED True Full Spectrum light.

“We have been able to create the LED True Full Spectrum light using a small number of LEDs,” he explained. “Scaling up to the many LED size, suitable for photography lighting, is a challenge. For the purposes of this project, production will be individually handcrafted lights. Testing equipment will be purchased to be certain we got it right. Honestly, we can do this.”

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