The official launch of Oregon-based LED light manufacturer Fill-Lite will take place at the upcoming Cine Gear Expo in Los Angeles on May 31, 2013.

Band Pro Film & Digital, Inc. has partnered with Fill-Light as a premiere North American reseller of the entire Fill-Lite line.

Fill-Lite LED Lights

Cinematographer, inventor, and Fill-Lite President Owen Stephens, SOC created Fill-Lite as an answer to the short-comings of existing LED lighting technology. Combining a radically compact and fully configurable design with a periphery-oriented LED light panel, the new Fill-Lite line eliminates the problem of non-uniformity commonly experienced with first-generation LED soft lights. At the same time, Fill-Lite’s specially-selected LEDs help eliminate color quality problems and inconsistencies. Fill-Lite’s individually assigned IP addresses allow for remote iPad or DMX control, providing further on set flexibility.

“The Fill-Lite system provides the most versatile and uniform soft light source that I have seen in all my years in the industry. The only way to duplicate what this system of thin 2’ x 2’ panels can accomplish requires 100 times more power and more room than you have in most practical locations to accomplish. Jeff Cree, SOC”

Band Pro recently provided a sneak preview of the Fill-Lite line in Las Vegas at the NAB 2013 show and the positive industry response was immediate. Following the show, the lights were used on a shoot by Steven Poster, ASC, who remarked: “I used both of them in a very tough, small set. They performed beautifully.”

The entire Fill-Lite line will be on display on May 31 and June 1, 2013 at Cine Gear Expo; Paramount Studios, Hollywood CA for their official product launch.

Please visit the Fill-Lite booth #S307, and visit Band Pro at booth #70. Additional information is available at

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