Half way through last year we were privileged to be part of a series of future camera gear conversations. It was during one of those talks that it was mentioned a series of new EVF’s were on the horizon. Apparently EVF’s that put the current crop to shame. So fast forward to oh about now and one of the new generation EVF’s that was secretly talked about is getting ready for a NAB launch. The new EVF is made by TV Logic and distributed via the Alphatron network. Expect the new EVF to be a 3.5″ flip style monitor called the EVF-035W.

Conformation from Alphatron on their Facebook page of a new EVF:

Grab from Rule Boston Camera:

Rule Boston Camera have also confirmed the new TV Logic EVF will be coming at NAB and they have some specs for now.

3.5” Display 960×640

HD-SDI loop through

HDMI in/out


Headphone Jack

Focus Assist

Price is $1,395

Rule Boston Camera are taking pre-orders for the Alphatron TV Logic EVF-035W EVF.

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