Pre-orders for the Filmpower Nebula 5100 3-axis one handed handheld camera stabilizer for mirrorless and DSLR cameras is under way.

With a four-year accumulation, this spring, Filmpower is going to release a new model of the 3-axis single handheld DSLR standard stabilizer: Nebula 5100.

 A new generation motor with built-in encoder for all 3 axes
 High torque, no need balancing, 8-10 hours battery life
 Made from high quality Al-Mg-Si alloy
 Hidden cable design, 360° unlimited rotation
 2.5kg Payload
 Integrated structure, upgraded structural barycenter
 One key back to the midpoint, double sides with the Pitch axis
 Direct charge make it more convenient
 Special tactical cage design
 One key recording, thumb controlling
 1/4 screw holes for various support equipment
 Multiple practical mode for more possibilities
 Integrated storage case made of leather

Pre-order start from 1st Mar until 31st Mar 2017

You will get the brand new Nebula 5100 with a best price of $759 and the following free gifts during the pre-order:
 Storage case *1
 Mini tripod *1
 Smart Battery *2
 Strap *1
 Charger *1

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