Full details for the Nebula 4200 5-axis gimbal or as Filmpower calls it Gyroscope Stabilizer…


The Nebula 4200 5-Axis Gyroscope Stabiliser suits the small to medium weighted cameras such as the Canon 5D’s / 7D’s and Sony A7’s.

The advantage of having a vertical stabilization is that it helps to eliminate the vertical movement of the steps when running or walking, with this type of stabilizers. The vertical stabilization is usually a unique feature of the devices with a Steadicam vest, which require specialized training that normally do not come cheap. In addition, the balance toolless alleviate a lot of discomfort associated with balancing.



The Nebula 4200 hand held camera rig has a 32-bit 5-axis gimbal gryo with vertical / horizontal / pitch / roll / yaw. It can be used with both single and double handle configurations. The Nebula 4200 supports for Canon 5DSR / 5D3 / 7D2 / 70D / 100D / 750D and any camera mirrorless, with a maximum load of 1.6 kg. The gimbal comes with a wireless joystick controller, has tool-less balance set-up, and bluetooth support.

For more: Filmpower.

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