Taking a look at the Bokkeh NAB 2017 booth was Kelly On A Tangent.

Kelly spotted the Bokkelux T2 8K series of lenses and grabbed Vincent Huang from Bokkeh to chat about the new glass.

The Bokkelux lens will run from $3500 to $3800 for individual glass, or $14,980 for the full T2 set.

Bokkelux Series are cinema lenses developed by Bokkeh Optics.
The latest series are set of T2 lenses, developed for 3 years, announced in April 2016.
This set lens is to provide extreme resolution and integrity of color consistency. Frame size covered Full Frame (24mm x 36mm Φ43.5mm) and even up to future Vista Vision (Φ46.1mm). Apochromatic design produce very solid and vivid images, also produce creamy and comfortable bokeh.

The lens body is cine-base design, long distance of focus rotation with gears, consistent with length and diameter, suitable for cinematographers.

Full deets and spec sheet for the Bokkeh Bokkelux T2 8K series of lenses that come in 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm CF. HERE.

Full price list of the Bokkelux T2 lens series, and order online HERE.

More from the Kelly On A Tangent website HERE.

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