Freefly customers are always teaching us how they prefer to use our technology. They are all explorers, adventurers, tinkerers, and ‘makers,’ as they work to get just the right shots to tell their stories in film. They like to experiment, adapt and customize their MōVI setups and gear. Recently, a number of Freefly’s top partners have encouraged us to develop some specific bundles that match their workflow, their gear, and their favorite setups, so that more filmmakers are encouraged to tap the benefits they see every day.

As a result, Freefly has developed several special bundle offers, so that new and existing Freefly customers can get more gear at a significant savings. The offers are available Monday, April 13th, online at, as well as through Freefly dealers around the world.

The accessory that on-the-go cinematographers love most is the MōVI Ring, so Freefly has created a bundled offer of accessories that includes the MōVI Ring, Toad in the Hole Quick Release, Male Toad Adapter, and a Right Angle HDMI cable as an ‘Adventure Kit.’ This set of tools allows the kind of all-day use and adaptation to different scenarios that comes in handy for cinematographers’ daily ‘adventure,’ whether that is shooting a wedding, a scene on set, or capturing a story in the wild.

Movi m5

And to top that off, Freefly has bundled the MōVI M5, a Pelican case AND the special Adventure Kit, all together, for the normal price of the MōVI M5 alone – $3995. This is the road-warrior’s standard-issue Freefly gear for a savings of $1,125.

As Freefly has been working closely with ARRI, RED and others, and a number of professional cinematographers who work with these cameras every day, they pushed Freefly to come up with a special kit for the MōVI M15. Twisting our arms was not necessary.

To accommodate this type of workflow, Freefly is announcing the Cinema Kit and Cinema Edition Bundle. The accessory most desired by larger production cinema professionals is the MōVI Controller to control and frame the shots remotely from the MōVI by a second operator, with very fine-grained control capabilities. To adapt the M15 to the most advanced larger cinema gear like ARRI, RED and others, the ‘Cinema Kit’ includes the MōVI Controller, Ninja Star Plate, Male Toad Adapter, and M15 Spare Parts Kit, which includes the components that adapt a MōVI to the larger cameras. Larry McConkey, legendary camera operator and pioneer in camera movement innovation said,”I love using the MōVI Controller because it has been designed as an integral part of the whole system and enables many options like external control devices as well as the built-in joystick. It has proven to be reliable and, most importantly, easily upgraded with firmware updates that add new functionality on a regular basis.”

The Cinema Edition Bundle includes the MōVI M15, the new M15 Pelican case AND the Cinema Kit, all for a limited time offer of $11,995, a savings of $3,755 starting during the NAB Show on April 13th.

So, whether professionals use the MōVI M5 in freeform ways, or use the M15 with two operators, there is an attractive discounted bundle of accessories to adapt rigs to real life on set.

RigWheels Passport NAB Deals

RigWheels are offering their famous Passport Camera Dolly at lower price for NAB.

The entire kit is flight ready at 50lbs (23kg) an won’t incur expensive excess charges.Passport Camera Dolly Case 6.3′ (1.95m) of track collapse into 19″ sections that pack along with the camera dolly carriage, end-brackets and ball-head adapters into the included custom Pelican 1610 protector case (with wheels & handle

See RigWheels for more info.

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