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Sachtler’s SpeedLevel Clamp. The innovative bowl clamp is the perfect accessory for Sachtler’s renowned range of 100 mm heads. The clamp incorporates the company’s SpeedLevel technology making levelling the head faster and more convenient.

“Levelling a head on the move is no longer a time wasting task as the new SPEEDLEVEL Clamp allows operators to get the most out of their fluid heads, and will significantly reduce the set up time. Like all of our products, it is built for fast use to allow camera operators to focus on capturing the moment. There is nothing else like this on the market, it is a completely new design, and we’re anticipating a high demand from all users of Sachtler 100mm heads,” Barbara Jaumann, Product Manager, Sachtler.

NAB15 – Sachtler Speedlevel Clamp from Vitec Videocom on Vimeo.

For more: Sachtler.

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