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AJA CION NAB 2015 Reel from AJA Marketing on Vimeo.

Shot on location in London, San Francisco, Grass Valley, Tokyo and Vancouver using CION, the 4K/UltraHD and 2K/HD digital cinema camera.

This H.264 1080p version has been converted by Vimeo from the original ProRes 444 UltraHD master file.

Slight desaturation and subtle lifts to the mids and highlights have been applied to make for a better viewing experience on a computer monitor.

Those with access to a 4K or UltraHD monitor can opt to download an H.264 UltraHD version for offline playback.

Bonus video:

CION Image Reel Part One from AJA Marketing on Vimeo.

The CION Image Reel Part One was shot on location in London and San Francisco.

The original camera 4K and UltraHD ProRes 422 and 444 files were edited without grading.

The version available for playback is compressed H.264 with Vimeo providing the conversion from the 11GB ProRes 444 original.

Those with access to 4K and UltraHD monitors may elect to download the UltraHD version for offline playback; this version is still a compressed H.264 file when compared to the master file.

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