At NAB 2013 MYT Works showcased their MYT Velour Nodal Head prototype. MYT Works Engineer James Schwartz talks about that brand new MYT Velour Nodal Head and what it can do.

The Velour is designed for large and heavy camera rigs, and comes with a universal mount which can work on any kind of tripod. Moreover, each of the heads in our Head Line can be used as a replacement for the MYT camera Hi-Hat, meaning that the head with camera can take advantage of our one-latch release technology. Use the head on a tripod, switch it over to the Glide camera slider, use it as a direct Hi-Hat, and finally put it on your Skater dolly and go!

MYT Velour Nodal Head

For more information about the Velour Nodal Head please see MYT Works.

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