At Cinegear Los Angeles, Paramount Studios, from June 4 to 7, booth S219, Ianiro are going to present our new range of multi-use Mintaka LED lamps.
Mintaka is the name of one of the three stars making up the Constellation of Orion, called “The String of Pearls” for its brightness. This is how we recall the tradition of Ianiro’s “sidereal” series dating back to the ’50s and ’60s, which named the projectors after stars (Ariel, Mizar, Polaris, Orion etc.).

ianiro 800 Mintaka

The unique characteristic of this series is efficiency – for its high illuminance and low power consumption – and its multi-functionality.

Mintaka can be used as both an Open Face and as a variable-focus Spot Fresnel – all wrapped up in just one lamp.

As with Varibeam and Gulliver LED, also in Mintaka everything is focused on the optics: a part of the design that allows us to “extract” and “convey” the light of our LED arrays while avoiding the typical fall-off and uncontrollability of the panel’s light emission along the distance.

In our designs the overriding principle is never the amount of light emission but, rather, the efficiency. This means striving to achieve remarkably powerful light emissions while always obtaining a projection that must consistently produce a light of uniform quality that is clean and constant over time and in color.

This efficiency comes from the LED array/mirror optical module which, with Mintaka, is added to by the lens that really does create extra light focus and control.
In other words, it directs light only where it’s needed, also by exploiting either the four-leaf barn door (fig.B) or the French flags; or also by concentrating and focusing it, if needed, with the Fresnel lens. Panels do not give this kind of control as they emit a direct, hard and diffuse light.

Mintaka lights can be used either for “direct” light (without a diffusion filter, fig.A) or for giving a “diffuse” light (with its opaline or gels, fig.C); they can also be used as focusable Spot Fresnel (fig.D and fig.E).

Mintaka’s added value is in the design of the front section, which has been designed and manufactured to allow a Fresnel lens for use within its operating parameters, thus considerably increasing the possibilities for reaching useful-illumination distances that are unthinkable for a diffuse light source.

All of this comes in a truly compact size and weight to facilitate portability in kit form or for use in small installations – and always in line with the best Ianiro’s tradition which specializes in lightweight lighting solutions.

Mintaka. Powered by Optics.

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