With too much time on their hands and equally too much MoCo equipment the team from Kids Of All Ages set out to produce a motion controlled rig capable of making a Caipirinha Cocktail.

Check out the fun they had and their results.

We used the following equipment:

Ditogear Omnislider, Omnihead & BD-Slider

Dynamic Perception Stage One Dolly , Stage R Rotary Stages, NMX Controller

Nic-O-Tilt Rotary Stages

eMotimo Spectrum

Rhino Evo Slider

In addition, our Hurricane Wheels Moco, based on the excellent BFG Motions Mantis Controller & Software. https://kids-of-all-ages.de/video/brus…

To control the stepper motors, we used custom motor drivers and the Dynamic Perception NMX Controller.

The Ditogear sliders & head were controlled directly by Mantis, as well as the DSLR camera

Time: 1 Afternoon
Rum: 1 bottle ;-))

Check out our showreel at https://motioncontrol.photography

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