More Jagon Movie BTS Footage Released

Jagon is a student movie that has taken the world by Camera Geeky Storm.

Jagon BTS Part II

The behind the scenes footage went viral thanks to Cinescopophilia…. Oh wait that’s us…

Well two things in this Jagon update…

More behind the scenes footage has been released of the amazing camera line up used to make the Jagon movie.

Here is the listed cameras:

12 RED Cameras
20 GoPro’s
2 ARRI Alexa’s
1 Phantom Flex 2K

and finally the Jagon teaser is live again.

JAGON… An old hunter finds the lost rosary of a mysterious saracen princess, which keeps an old secret power.

Enjoy more BTS Jagon everyone…

JAGON – Sneak Peek Behind The Scenes 1 from JAGON on Vimeo.

DIRECTOR: Murat Eyüp Gönültas
PRODUCER: Hannes Höhn & Johannes Kunkel
DP: Tony Kopec
EDITOR: Fabian Gustus
SOUND: Marvin Keil
VFX PRODUCER: Tobias Müller

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