About every two weeks we have revisited the search engines and looked for the latest brushless gimbal offerings. For every six brushless gimbal camera rigs we put on Cinescopophilia another three are so bad we just can’t include them.

This time however we have a mix of larger rigs that can take a RED sized camera and smaller brushless gimbal setups.

We even found one setup that includes a brushless gimbal system on a shoulder mounted camera rig.

Now these rigs are at different stages of readiness, but all are prototype to market ready.

Red Epic on Handheld Brushless Gimbal

A brushless gimbal by

Aerobotix.co.uk and Dronetuner.com with Red Epic and a handheld brushless gimbal.

GyroWay Stabilised Camera Brushless Gimbal 3 Three Axis Stabilizer

GyroWay Steadicam Camera Stabilizing Systems by AirCam.GR

3 axes gimbal

for big DSLR cameras
for any camera, and any lens
alloy 7075
carbon fiber
motor 5208
controller alexmos 3 axes
pro-setup for Canon 5D Mark ii or for any camera you need
full control
use them:
on helicopters
on multicopters
on your own hands


AirCam Gr Uav’s Fly Cameras Systems & Production
Street 11 Iktinou, 12243, Greece, GR
Phone:(210) 5989466
Email: services@aircam.gr

Monkey Gimbal Gibon-FF – 3-axis brushless motor handheld gimbal

Monkey Gimbal Gibon-FF has been designed to fit Canon 5D size cameras. It is 20mm wider than Lemur-DSLR and 30mm deeper, the movie shows a Canon 550D with 17-40L lens, with 5D and 17-40L lens the gap between the lens turned backwards and the gimbal frame would be around 15mm. However the main change in the construction is the horizontal double tubes that the arms are mounted to – this solution enables hanging more weight at further distance. The controller is mounted on the arms and the arms are higher than the controller to protect it. There will be a cover on the controller and the IMU. Very light and very strong setup for everyone wanting to shoot handheld videos. Lemur-DSLR gimbal is a little smaller and ligher, if you want to fly with a DSLR camera Lemur-DSLR is the right choice, it will also accept a 5D size camera but with shorter than 17-40L lens.

In case anybody wonders: Monkey Gimbals are 3-axis brushless motor gimbals that have been designed for smaller DSLR cameras up to heavy camcorders. The gimbals will use 3-axis alexmos controllers but since they are not yet available all tests are being done using 2-axis main alexmos boards.

This particular gimbal is not finished due to the luck of parts that are still being machined, it will be finished soon.

More about Monkey Gimbals at: https://monkey-gimbal.com

Now this setup gets a bit funky as there are several options with this rig… One of which is to shoulder mount the brushless gimbal.

Phoenix A10 Shoulder Rig Brushless Gimbal

Phoenix A10 Brushless Gimbal

Phoenix A10 – Option C (Shoulder Rig)

This option includes the parts listed in option B for handheld mode and also includes parts to configure in shoulder rig mode.
Assembled Phoenix A10 gimbal
AlexMOS 3 axis stabilization controller
3D printed plastic case enclosures for board & IMU
4114 Brushless Motors on all 3 axis
15mm rod accessory mount
Top low mode handle
Carbon fiber straight rod handle system
Shoulder rig accessory parts
V-lock/V-Mount battery mount (battery not included, available as option)

See Photoshipone.com

This rig setup is a DIY job custom made for their own use with a Blackmagic camera.

Cine ST Remote Head Blackmagic

Flying Book Handheld Cine ST Remotehead
Brushless 3-achs Gimbal
Blackmagic Cinema Design
Magic SLR Hyperprime 12mm
R/C Tilt +Pan
Follow Modus

To see how the Flying Book Handheld Cine ST rig footage scrubs up please visit some of their work with horses and cars HERE.

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