Monkey Gimbal are set to pump out a staggering nine versions of their 3-axis handheld camera brushless gimbal stabilizer rig.

Monkey Gimbal 3-axis brushless gimbal camera rig

Monkey Gimbals are 3-axis handheld stabilizers for cameras and camcorders. There are 3 main versions: Lemur-DSLR – as light as possible, for a smaller DSLR, Gibon-FF – a bigger gimbal made for a Canon 5D camera and/or similar, Gorilla-MASS – the biggest, the strongest – for cameras up to 5kg. Monkey Gimbals are highly configurable, it is possible to either mix versions or their parts or build a new gimbal right from the beginning, different motors may be mounted and there are several options for upgrading. Depending on the main camera that the gimbal is going to be used with I can advice what version or what motors can be used. Also I work on the gimbals and make new ideas come true, for example the gearing system for a yaw motor that allows using motors to weak for the yaw without the gears.

Every gimbal is a little different

A – a Gorilla-LIGHT version, a Gorilla version with stronger 19mm main tube and smaller motors, additionally the arms have adjustable depth, this gimbal was made to serve a Sony FS100 camera that is very deep

B – also a Gorilla-LIGHT version but with fixed arms (still longer than in other gimbals), it uses very strong Dualsky 5015 motors, hand wound with a thick wire, the yaw motor will be 7010, the same that is showed next to the E gimbal, its max load is around 2,5-3kg and the gimbal is built to be strong for this weight

C – a construction similar to A but the main tube is the 15mm standard, arms are shorter, gears for yaw will be mounted – I built this gimbal for myself for testing, the max load around 2-2,5kg

D – this is a dream setup for all who use a Black Magic Pocket Camera with accessories, the motors are 3 x iFlight 4114 that are good for lowering the power, the gimbal should work well with BMPC and a 5D up to around 2kg

E – this is a Gibon-FF, strong motors with max load around 2kg, upgraded yaw motor to a big one 7010, the control board will be mounted in the box at the back (no sample yet), upgraded main tube to carbon fibre

F – this is a standard Gibon-FF, the motors can stabilize up to around 2kg, maybe a little more, but they are also good for smaller DSLR or BMPC, the yaw motor is a hand wound Dualsky 5015, the bent alloy silver tube simplifies the construction, to save weight the controller board will be mounted on the arm

G – a Gibon-FF with smaller motors, perfect for BMPC and smaller DSLR up to around 1,7-2kg

H – a Lemur-DSLR gimbal with reinforced arms with cf plates, the board will be mounted in the box at the back

I – a Lemur-DSLR with the board mounted on the right arm

Other configurations are possible.

For more on their different versions of 3-axis handheld camera brushless gimbal stabilizer rigs, please see Monkey Gimbal.

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