This fuzzy pic is the MIT Media Lab Modulo HDR camera in action.

MIT Media Lab Modulo HDR Camera

The Modulo HDR camera forms part of a presentation paper that seeks to extend HDR as we know it…

This paper presents a novel framework to extend the dynamic range of images called Unbounded High Dynamic Range (UHDR) photography with a modulo camera. A modulo camera could theoretically take unbounded radiance levels by keeping only the least significant bits. We show that with limited bit depth, very high radiance levels can be recovered from a single modulus image with our newly proposed unwrapping algorithm for natural images. We can also obtain an HDR image with details equally well preserved for all radiance levels by merging the least number of modulus images.

Unbounded High Dynamic Range Photography using a Modulo Camera

Synthetic experiment and experiment with a real modulo camera show the effectiveness of the proposed approach.

For more: MIT.

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