Quick one for you… The MIM Simple GoPro Ride, a 2-axis GoPro brushless gimbal from the mob over at Made In Mars.

It is allegedly a work in progress for now, and expect a 3-axis GoPro Ride to be on the cards.

MIM Simple Gopro Ride

This mini steadicam is stabilized on two axes, axes but Version 3 is already short development.

This handy device can accompany you on your location, it is an essential accessory for all users Gopro but also to other types of onboard cameras, since we can adjust the bracket.

This steadicam allow you to shoot in extreme conditions with a fluid made, stabilized, ready to be mounted!

First Test MIM Simple Gopro Ride in St Lary Snowpark:

Please see Made In Mars for information about their MIM Simple GoPro Ride.

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