Miller Camera Support have announced they are introducing the Air Tripod System range, which includes the Air Alloy System (3001) and Air Carbon Fibre System (3005), to the U.S. market. Providing a solution for everyone from entry-level to high-end cinematographers and photographers, the range is essential when shooting on-the-go in confined, challenging locations that require a versatile, lightweight tripod system that can be set up in a matter of seconds.

Miller Air Fluid Head

“The Air Tripod Systems offer professional DSLR and HDV photo-videographers a robust, lightweight, cost-effective solution,” says Gus Harilaou, Regional Manager for the Americas, Miller Camera Support, LLC. “Designed to reflect the same premium qualities of Miller’s Compass Tripod System, the Air Tripod System is purpose-built for professionals who desire a compact, lighter and more agile camera support solution with the same unwavering durability that is standard of Miller tripods.”

Miller Air Tripod System

The “little brothers” of Miller’s range of Compass tripods, Miller’s Air Tripod Systems are the ideal, lightweight travel companions for professionals who are shooting both videos and photos in rugged, outdoor conditions. Both are compact, adaptable and durable. Each system consists of an Air Fluid Head, offering professionals authentic Miller fluid head pan and tilt technology, and a variant of the Solo 75 2-Stage Tripod. The Air Fluid Head, composed of magnesium alloy housing and precision components, comes with two positions of selectable counterbalance and a dual pan handle option. Both systems have the ability to support payloads ranging from 5.5 pounds (2.5 kilograms) to 11 pounds (five kilograms).


The Air Alloy System (3001) consists of the Air Fluid Head and the Solo 75 2-Stage Alloy Tripod, which is designed to provide the single operator with a complete run-and-gun system. Selectable leg angle locks ensure rapid stabilization at any height, with the tripod boasting an impressive range, capable of extending from 9.2 inches (234 millimeters) to 64 inches (1625 millimeters). Its sturdy alloy, magnesium design ensures durability and its new rapid lock system can lock or unlock with less than one quarter of a turn. The tripod’s Neoprene leg protection allows for exceptional grip and is ideal for users who are either carrying or setting up the tripod in extreme weather conditions.

The Air Carbon Fibre System (3005) consists of the Air Fluid Head and the Solo 75 2-Stage Carbon Fibre Tripod, which is purpose-built for professionals who desire to work with the most lightweight camera support technology. The Air Carbon Fibre System features all the same benefits of the Air Alloy System but at a much lighter weight, totaling at 9.9 pounds (4.5 kilograms) versus the Air Alloy System’s weight of 10.8 pounds (4.9 kilograms), while still retaining its durability. The Air Carbon Fibre System offers both cinematographers and photographers rock solid stability and is ideal for rugged, outdoor shooting conditions.

All Miller products, including the Air Tripod Systems, possess the right feel for their users and, therefore, come with extensive three-year warranties, as Miller is confident in the longevity of its products’ reliability and durability. Those interested in purchasing an Air Tripod System can use the Miller Dealer Locator, found on the homepage of Miller’s website:, to find a sales associate in their desired region.

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