Midas Mount Camera Support Systems have released a travel kit and ball mount version of their original Skaterail Slider. The skate-wheel based slider has a wider wheelbase than most DSLR sliders and can support heavier camera builds. Midas Mount is selling the sliders at introductory prices on their website for the month of June only, starting at $249 plus shipping for their 4-foot ball-mount option.

Using skateboard wheels with sealed bearings, the Skaterail slider is smoother than most DSLR sliders. You can bolt junior pin receivers onto the ends of the track or center mount it to your tripod head or legs with the 3/8” and 1/4-20 threaded and clear holes on the center plate.

“When we made this slider, the objective was to build a solid piece of film equipment like you’d find on a grip truck,” says Brandon David Cole, “but we scaled it down for DSLR, RED and smaller setups.”

The ball mount works with 100mm and 75mm tripod heads and is machined by Modern Studio Equipment, a company that has been making camera support for the Hollywood studios since 1975. “Our relationship with Modern Studio Equipment is a big one,” Cole says, “because we can leverage their 32 years of experience building heavy duty equipment for the film industry and use it to create solid, American made products for indie, DSLR filmmakers. The new ball mount is a great example of that.”

The travel kit is a 6-foot Skaterail Slider that breaks down into 3 2-foot sections and assembles with small clamping knobs. It ships with a rolling canvas bag and sets up in a few minutes. Once assembled, it can be supported just like the original Skaterail Slider, with a tripod in the center or stands at the ends.

The 4-foot ball mount for $249 (regular price $425), the original 6-foot for $299 (regular price $399) and the travel kit for $499 (regular price $599). After the introductory sale, the Skaterail Slider will be available through EVS.

Please see Midas Mount for more on their travel kits for the Skaterail Slider.

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