Spotted this teaser slipping through the Tweet streams about SnapFocus a new cable driven Follow Focus coming from Midas Mount via a KickStarter campaign.

The SnapFocus by Midas Mount is a revolutionary new cable-driven follow focus system that brings focus control to the tips of your fingers whether your camera is mounted to a shoulder support, tripod, jib-arm, slider, or any type of camera support system.

With the SnapFocus, you can pull off a big-budget look as a one man band indie film maker. Since you can keep your support rig steady AND pull focus at the same time, the SnapFocus allows you to capture footage that typically requires an entire crew. Focus on the fly and give your documentary or cinema vertiè footage an expensive look, or add production value to your projects with really cool technical focus pulls. With the SnapFocus, you are a rebel without a crew.

With a simple lever and cable system, the SnapFocus is really easy to use. You simply pull the lever on one side and your lens spins to infinity (focuses the lens far away). Pull the other lever and it spins to macro (focuses the lens close up). It’s an intuitive way to control the focus on your camera and since you don’t have to keep spinning and spinning a focus wheel, you can literally “snap” the focus into place.
Since it’s a mechanical system, you have an intuitive feel for your focus control that’s not possible with an electronic remote system. The SnapFocus puts you and the lens in sync.

Snap on over to Midas Mount and focus on their Kickstarter campaign.

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