I was told around NAB time that there was some serious GoPro camera hacking going on à la Magic Lantern style. Well technically ML is an independent program that runs alongside Canon’s own software and not a hack.


Now interestingly we find that the MegaLapse hack allows the GoPro3 Black series of cameras to shoot longer timelapses than when they came out of the factory.

MegaLapse is a file called autoexec.ash, GoPro cameras recognise autoexec.ash files as executable files.

It works because it repeats the file, infinite loop, with higher intervals from 2 min to 45 min intervals.

Also if you want to save the camera’s battery, simply choose the folder BlankScreenToSaveBattery, because it displays a blank screen.

MegaLapse is a creation of Konrad Iturbe and just like the Magic Lantern project MegaLapse is free and open-source.

MegaLapse 8 Days 3 Minutes Interval GoPro HERO3 Black

MegaLapse can be found in GitHub.
You can find out more about the MegaLapse GoPro camera hack over at Chernowii, and also check out the ChernowiiApp, their other open-source HTML5 GoPro app, that includes live preview, full control of the camera, and media browsing.

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