Holed up in the RED booth at NAB 2016 has been CEO Sean Brown of Motorized Precision and the KIRA programmable robot that precisely and repeatably executes amazing fast camera and lighting moves.


Motorized Precision NAB 2016 KIRA Reel (4K) from Sean D.Brown on Vimeo.


Her Limitless Precision, Speed and Ease.
Your Endless Inspiration.

Your inspiration was once the fastest thing on set.
Your creativity was what camera support technology struggled to keep up with. Then when it finally did become fast and precise
enough to capture what you imagined, it simply wasn’t very accessible or easy to use.

That changes here.
Her name is KIRA.

Her movements are fluid. Her grace is stunning. Her speed and power are positively unmatched.
Sound like a dancer? She moves like one. But she’s more—she’s a partner. A dance partner. A creative partner.

KIRA is easy to program and use. She’s intuitive and nimble in ways that no camera robot before her ever has been.

See what’s capable—and what new ideas are born—when the old limitations no longer apply.

Invite KIRA to your production and try to keep up.

Music license provided by Marmoset Music.
Track “Sword of Truth” by Magic Sword.

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