A huge thank you to all the Facebook fans of Cinescopophilia.

When we took up writing and posting on Facebook a short time ago we never dreamed of getting 5000 likes.

Our goal was to get somewhere near 100. So you can imagine our enjoyment levels are rising as we see the Cinescopophilia Facebook likes are almost at 5000.

Maxell Camera Accessories Kit

Our friends at Maxell Professional spotted the pending Facebook milestone and have offered up some of their products as a Cinescopophilia 5000 Facebook likes giveaway.

Maxell Professional are giving away a Maxell Camera Accessories Kit to one lucky Cinescopophilia follower to mark 5000 Facebook likes:

The Maxell Camera Accessories Kit

• 3-Way Power Shoe Adapter (HS-D)
• 3-Way Power Shoe Adapter (NP-F Type Battery Mount)
• Shoe Clamp
• 4-Way PC Power Connector
• Male/Female PC Power Connector
• USB Charge Adapter

Please see Maxell Professional and get your entry in to win a fantastic bunch of gear from them.

A big big thank you to Maxell Professional for looking after Cinescopophilia readers and an enormous debt of gratitude from me to all the Cinescopophilia followers on Twitter and Facebook.

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More about the Maxell Camera Accessories Kit:

Power Shoe Adapters

Maxell’s Power Shoe Adapters were developed to maximize the potential of the camera shoe mount. The 3-Way Power Shoe Adapter (HS-D) is the entry level offering, featuring three cold shoe mounts. When mounted, the HS-D will allow the camera operator flexibility to use multiple additional camera accessories, such as radio mics, wireless receivers, on-camera lights, etc.

The HSBM-12W and the HSBM-36W are the mid-range and high end offerings in the Power Shoe lineup. Similar to the HS-D, the HSBM 12W has three additional cold shoe mounts, but has the added feature of an NP-F type battery mount, one power tape compatible input, and one hirose input. The HSBM-36W has three additional cold shoe mounts as well, and provides top-end power via a BP-U type battery mount, one power tap compatible input, and one hirose input. Both provide a dedicated source to power hungry on-camera devices.

All of Maxell’s Power Shoe Adapters mount to any and all cameras with a cold/hot shoe.

Shoe Clamp

Maxell’s Shoe Clamp (HS-C) is a single cold shoe adapter designed to conveniently connect to the handle of most cameras, and/or a camera rig. With a locking clip, the lightweight shoe clamp allows the user to mount an additional piece of on-board hardware simply by clipping to the handle of their camera or rig. The Shoe Clamp features a super lock tight clamping mechanism and heavy foam inner ring to fit most camera handles/rigs.

Specs for the Power Shoe Adapters and Shoe Clamp can be found HERE.

Power Connectors

The 4-way Power Connector (PC-MF4) provides one male power tap compatible connector to four female power tap compatible receptors, allowing the user to run additional hardware off a single battery connection. The Male/Female Power Connector (PC-MF) is a single male-to-female combined and fully customizable power tap compatible power connector which, once plugged into a device and powering the equipment it’s been wired to, provides another female socket.

USB Charge Adapter

Armed with a power tap (male) compatible connector on one end, and a 2 amp USB connector on the other, the USB Charge Adapter (SP-PCUSB) allows the user to re-charge any smart device off of their camera battery, therefore making the camera a back-up power source. The USB charge adapter cable will recharge a smartphone, tablet or other smart device, making it an essential tool for anyone shooting in remote locations where the only available power source is the camera battery.

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