Set your rig up already and been told the shot is out by two inches, and you need to reposition the camera…

No dramas with the Matthews Studio Equipment Grip Lazy Suzy as you can position your camera anywhere in a 24″ radius without having to take it off the mount.

Matthews Studio Equipment Grip Lazy Suzy

The Matthews Lazy Suzy (mitchell based) provides the cinematographer/ videographer with more creative opportunities through the use of an articulated double-swivel platform. This heavy-duty camera positioning device allows you to place the camera anywhere within a 25” diameter circle without having to reposition the dolly, tripod, or car mount rig. The Lazy Suzy will support camera packages up to 70lbs (30kg). Additional accessories and adapters are available, making the mounting possibilities limitless.

Ed Phillips gives us the rundown on the Matthews Studio Equipment Lazy Suzy.

Video thanks to Rush Hamden and Digital Cinema Course.

Matthews Studio Equipment Grip Lazy Suzy Mitchell Base

Need to know more about the Lazy Suzy then please hit up Matthews Studio Equipment.

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