Mastor Technology / also known as Mastor have been very busy whipping out camera rigs with brushless gimbals.

If you shoot on an iPhone or other smartphones, a GoPro 1, 2, 3, 3+, Sony HDR-AS15, a DSLR, or a Blackmagic camera, then Mastor have a brushless gimbal camera rig they want you to use.

The little rigs are 2-axis brushless gimbal systems and the Pronghorn a 3-axis brushless gimbal rig.

Video thanks to ProNews:

Cheetah CH1:

Cheetah CH1

Video thanks to ProNews:

Greyhound GR1:

Greyhound GR1

Video thanks to ProNews:

Sailfish SF1:

Mastor Sailfish

Pronghorn PN1:

Mastor Pronghorn PN1

Pronghorn PN1 Specs:
7″ Monitor
Thumb pad controller 90 degree pitch
Wireless handheld gimbal controller

Hit Mastor up for more information about their complete brushless gimbal camera rig range.

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