So Manfrotto has taken their SYMPLA camera gear range to the next level and called it 2.0…

Fun fact SYMPLA is of course Simple in italian but it’s Shinpura from the Japanese press release we have.

The Manfrotto SYMPLA 2.0 line up now consists of a total of 16 products.

Here is a little taste of what they have.

MVA511WK-1 SYMPLA Shoulder Mount KIT (C with weight)
MVA511WK 0001

MVA512WK-1 SYMPLA flexible Matte Box Systems KIT
MVA512WK 0003

MVA513WK-1 SYMPLA long lens support system KIT
MVA513WK 0001

MVA525WK SYMPLA lightweight shoulder mount KIT (C with weight)MVA525WK 0001

Hit Manfrotto up on the 22nd of November when the SYMPLA 2.0 line up comes out.

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