Not just a camera stabilizer it is a magic carbon fibre stabilizer from Wondlan that can be used in Stedi mode and in a Monopod mode.


1. The light stabilizer which is made of High-strength and lightweight carbon fiber, makes shooting easy.
2. The length of the stabilizer can be fixed quickly up to a maximum of 1.2m by adjusting balancing pole, besides, stretch adjustment improves weight ratio, and reduces the clump weights greatly.
3.The design of professional I-shaped straight pole widens the range of shooting, i.e. photographers can shoot stably from various angles horizontally or vertically with a 360°free rotation.
4. Bidirectional baseplate with fine adjustment system can be adjusted freely to any direction and it can bear 1KG-5kg equipments, like a variety of DSLRs, consumer DVs and professional camcorders.
5. With high-precision imported bearings, low-friction joints, photographers can shoot movies professionally with excellent flexibility, which is comparable to high-quality steadicam.
6. Provide a professional portable soft bag, which is easy to carry.
7. The equipment can be used widely, not only functioning as a handheld stabilizer, but also as a monopod or a small rocker arm.
8. The stabilizer will be updated to a professional steadicam quickly if it is used together with Wondlan “Leopard” vest and arm.

See Wondlan for more information.

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