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Shooting in Log? You need LUTs! Michael shows off some easy to use on-set LUT tools, featuring toys from SmallHD and Teradek. Remember to subscribe to get more in-depth reviews of each.

Now, with Cinema EOS, Blackmagic, Arri, Sony and blah blah blah the list goes on cameras all featuring their own flavors of Log, use of LUTs is now mainstream and not some intimidating workflow. With it now within reach with affordable tools that are really easy to use, being LUT-tastic on your next production is a snap.

Michael Shu
Danni Huang
Jeff Gadigan
Dan Kanes

Gear List:

Blackmagic Ursa with expensive Canon Cinema Zoom
Canon C300 with Redrock Micro Cage and expensive Canon Cinema Zoom
Sony A7s with vintage FD lens, Movcam cage and F&V battery adapter
Teradek Bolt 600 and 2000 transmitters and receivers
Teradek Clip and Cube
SmallHD DP7 and AC7 Monitors
SmallHD 502 Monitor

Special Thanks to:

Andrew Ng
Wesley Huang
Marcus Valerio
Georgia Yeh
Emily Kung

For more: Teradek and SmallHD.

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