So you went to NAB 2013 and got caught up in the “Game Changing” hype didn’t you? Of course you did, it was a relentless machine, but what if we told you the game is still the same and just the rules have changed. Wait we already did that didn’t we.
Enter the world of RC, and flying your camera rock steadi is nothing new. Try out a few RC forums and you will find open source and professional projects working on getting the perfect rig up and flying.

On those same forums you will spot some guys have made the cross over from making flight rigs, to making handheld camera stabilization systems using RC components. Sound familiar? While it is early days in this new camera stabilization game, words and phrases like Brushless Gibal, 3 axis controller, yaw axis, Z axis, etc will become common in the camera game… While some rigs might seem a little noisy, or a little clunky now. Think ahead to NAB 2014 and just how many versions there will be of these running around on the floor.

Handheld camera stabilisation system
Early prototype based on 2-axis gimbal.
Electronics: Aleksey Moskalenko
Hardware: and
All videos are raw directly from GH2&GP3.
Pitch and roll axis controlled with radio by second operator using remote live view. Pan axis will be added soon.
Stay tuned for 3-axial final version!

Should be market ready in 2 months

And now the Chinese video that if it is to be believed is FOMG!! It takes a bit to load, but please hold out for it.
5D2 triaxial PTZ pen-hold grip on the mirror

Flite Handheld Camera Stabiliser

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