Take one Tezutsu (Large hand-held Cylindrical) Fireworks, and film it at 5x slomotion in full HD with the Sony a6500 camera.

The results…

The α6500 can shoot high-image-quality Full HD (up to 100Mbps) footage with AF tracking even at a high frame rate of 120fps (100fps in PAL), allowing users to enjoy high quality slow motion movies made by post-editing on a PC. Otherwise, it can also record slow motion & quick motion movies internally in S&Q mode. Frame rates from 1 fps to 120fps (100fps in PAL) can be selected in eight steps for up to 60x quick motion and 5x slow motion* and recorded at up to 50 Mbps with full-HD quality.

[Background Information of the movie]
This movie depicts the traditional Large hand-held Cylindrical Fireworks (Tezutsu Fireworks) of Japan’s Chubu Region.
Tezutsu fireworks are made by packing gunpowder into a one-meter-long bamboo pipe that is then handheld by the participants.

* NTSC standard. Up to 4x slow motion and up to 50x quick motion available with PAL.

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