LockCircle BoomBooster, the “freestyle agility” grip handle for Birdcage A7/GH4 system.


LockCircle Birdcage Boombooster 2
The BoomBooster is the lastest LockCircle addition to the popular Birdcage modular production system available for the Sony A7 (soon A7R II) and Lumix GH4 series.
The functionality of the BoomBooster follows the Birdcage ultra-lightweight minimalistic design philosophy introducing the “freestyle agility” concept that matches perfectly the small mirrorless 4K cameras.


LockCircle Birdcage Boombooster 1
Innovative shooting skills are introduced by the improved handling / balancing of the BoomBooster design and soon with the 5-axis sensor stabilization a new world of shooting is taking off!
The BoomBooster is cnc machined from solid billet aluminum with knurled handles for extreme grip, with 80 1/4”-20, and 34 3/8”-16 threaded holes for mounting leds, microphones, accessories.


LockCircle Birdcage Boombooster 3


All the screws are custom cnc machined in high strength titanium.
Incredibly lightweight and rock-solid, just 200 grams that added to the 100 grams of the Birdcage
is ready to fly!


LockCircle Birdcage Boombooster
Available right now, price starts from US 249,00 /Euro 239,00
For more informations: info@lockcircle.com www.lockcircle.com

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