The new Inca LED lighting fixtures derive their name from the “incandescent” lighting fixtures they replace. Inca Fresnels incorporate LEDs that are color-matched to the incandescent tungsten halogen lighting fixtures still in use in many television stations and teleproduction facilities. The Inca Series makes it possible for a studio to change over from incandescent to LED fixtures in a staged, multi-year plan, rather than having to do so all at once.

Inca Series LED Fresnel Fixtures

Tungsten balanced Inca 4™ (4-inch/10cm lens) and Inca 6™ (6-inch/15cm lens) Fresnel fixtures are the first members of the series. Inca 4 focuses from 72° to 13°, and Inca 6 focuses from 67° to 15°. Both provide dimming from 100% to 0 with no noticeable shift in color temperature. Focus and dimming can be controlled via DMX 512 protocol, or by on-fixture knobs.

Energy efficient–money savers

The Inca 4 and Inca 6 use less than 10% of the power consumed by conventional tungsten halogen fixtures. The Inca 4 draws about 39W, and provides comparable illumination to a 300W traditional tungsten Fresnel. The Inca 6 draws approximately 104W, and provides comparable illumination to a 650W traditional tungsten Fresnel.

Because Litepanels LED fixtures run cool to the touch, there is an additional savings in the power it takes to cool a studio. Litepanels fixtures that replace incandescents can pay for themselves in as little as 3 years through reduced energy use. With a 50,000+ hour bulb life for the fixture’s LEDs, that savings will continue a decade or more into the future.

See Litepanels for more on the Inca Series Tungsten Balanced LED Fresnels.

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