Litepanels unveils the 1×1 LS, the newest fixture in their 1×1 LED Panel Series.

“The location production market has seen significant growth in the last five years,” said Chris Marchitelli, Global VP of Marketing at Litepanels. “Professional cameras are getting less expensive and the quality of production is on the rise, from ENG and indie films to wedding and event videography. We created the 1×1 LS to provide a high quality lighting fixture for these budget-conscious markets.”

The Litepanels 1×1 LS offers many of the features found in the popular 1×1 Mono panel fixtures, but at an entry-level price. The 1×1 LS maintains the same high quality, full spectrum soft light as Litepanels’ other 1×1 LED panel fixtures while removing the more studio-specific components to focus on the needs of location productions.

Not only is the 1×1 LS compatible with all other 1×1 units, including use of the same accessories, gels and travel cases, but it retains many of the other trademark Litepanels characteristics such as low power draw (45 Watts) and Cool to the Touch™ heat-free operation. Light output by the 1×1 LS is flicker-free at any frame rate or shutter angle and dims from 100% to 0 without color shift.

Available in daylight balanced flood (50° beam) or spot (30° beam), the 1×1 LS can be powered by an included AC adapter or by any Gold Mount or V-Mount professional battery so you can light anywhere and shoot everywhere.

For more information on lighting from Litepanels please visit Litepanels.

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