Nikon rejoins the DSLR revolution they started and Redrock Micro celebrates by releasing a limited edition Nikon Gold Field Cinema V2 camera rig to allow you to show off your full Nikon colours. Expect the Nikon Gold Field Cinema V2 camera rig by Redrock Micro to sell for around $2,333.10. Check the other Nikon Gold limited edition camera rigs that Redrock Micro have for Nikon lovers.

Show your passion for Nikon with the new, limited edition “Nikon Gold” DSLR rigs from Redrock Micro. To celebrate the new groundbreaking video DSLRs from Nikon, we’ve taken three of our most popular rigs and redesigned them with a signature Nikon look. Limited Edition Nikon Gold rigs have the same configuration and legendary quality as their standard Redrock counterparts, but with Nikon Gold and Midnight Black accent colors instead of Redrock blue. All pieces (including the marking disk) are completely functional and ready for your next production.

Limited Edition Nikon Gold Running Man

This bundle is compatible with most video DSLRs including the Nikon D90, D300s, D3s**, and Canon 7D, 1D Mark IV**, and 5D MKII. The Redrock DSLR Field Cinema Bundle is designed for handheld use and includes:

DSLR baseplate
18″ Carbon Fiber Rods
Handlebar Rod Clamp with 2 grips
microFollowFocus | blue
microBalancePlus with 2x microBalance counterbalance weights
microHandle top handle for carrying, and low mode shooting
microMount (typically used for mounting external monitor)
access to video setup tutorials

Weight: 10.1 lb/ 4.6kg (including 4lb counterbalance weight) The Redrock DSLR Field Cinema Bundle does not include camera, external monitor, lens gears, or 35mm lenses. microLensGears are available separately. Please Note: The Field Cinema Bundle places most of the camera weight on the shoulder and is therefore designed for use with an external monitor. If you are considering a shouldermount-style rig with eye piece, please consider the eyeSpy line of DSLR rigs shown in recommended items.

Limited Edition Nikon Gold Captain Stubling

See Redrock Micro for more information.

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