LG Electronics have launched its new “Digital Cinema 4K Monitor,” a professional-grade yet affordable desktop display that delivers the intense detail and colour accuracy demanded by today’s photo, video and graphic design professionals.

LG Electronics 4K Digital Cinema Monitor

LG Electronics ‘4K Digital Cinema’ Monitor Maximizes Detail for Digital Imaging Professionals

The LG Digital Cinema 4K Monitor (model 31MU97) debuts today at the PDN PhotoPlus International Conference + Expo at the Javits Center in New York (LG Booth #1261). The new 4K model, available nationwide this week, expands LG’s premium monitor portfolio, which includes innovative new curved and flat 21:9 “UltraWide” models – all presenting a host of versatile options for imaging professionals of all types and levels.

“LG may be better known for innovative larger TV screen technology, but we are committed to bringing the same display experience to smaller sizes as well,” said David VanderWaal, head of marketing for LG Electronics USA. “As 4K imaging technology continues to advance and gain traction in the market, photographers, videographers and graphic design professionals will increasingly need equipment that is up to the task of delivering the clearest and most detailed images. With LG’s Digital Cinema 4K Monitor, these professionals will be able to create their best work.”

Monitors for Digital Imaging Professionals and Hobbyists Alike
LG’s next-generation lineup of award-winning computer monitors is designed to fit the needs of photographers, video and graphic design professionals of all levels.

Digital Cinema 4K Monitor (31MU97): The 31MU97 meets the Digital Cinemas Initiatives’ (DCI) standard for 4K resolution displays for rich detail and clarity with 4096 x 2160 pixels in a 31-inch class (31.0-inch diagonal) screen. This 16:9 monitor is capable of displaying over 99.5 percent of the Adobe RGB standard (and meets DCI-PE 97 percent). It is designed to deliver a richer and wider color range thanks to its 10-bit color depth that supports more than 1 billion colors for more accurate, detailed and natural-looking images, allowing photographers and video and graphic design professionals to work with images in more detail. The Digital Cinema 4K Monitor is hardware-calibration-ready and also features Dual Color Space, LG’s exclusive True Color Pro calibration software. The 31MU97 employs LG’s IPS panel, which provides accurate color without washout at wide viewing angles. With two HDMI ports, DisplayPort and MiniDP as well as three USB 3.0 ports, it has all the connectivity a professional requires.

Curved UltraWide Monitor (34UC97): Available since earlier this month, LG’s flagship 34-inch class (34.0-inch diagonal) IPS 21:9 Curved UltraWide Monitor is a complete monitor solution, equally suited to the needs of photographers and video and graphic design professionals. The extra screen real estate helps users accomplish more in less time and, by adding a gentle curve to a 21:9 aspect ratio monitor, LG has created a unique display that delivers a more immersive experience. This Quad HD resolution display (with 3440 x 1440 pixels) provides creative and design professionals with the level of detail and accuracy their work demands. Compatible with both PCs and Macs, the LG 34UC97 monitor handles heavy graphics and videos with ease on either system and supports Thunderbolt™ 2 for high-speed data transfers – up to four times faster than USB 3.0 – and allows multiple devices to be daisy chained together. The monitor also features MAXX AUDIO® and 7W stereo speaker system guaranteed to deliver peak audio performance across all frequencies.

Flat UltraWide Monitor (34UM95): LG’s award-winning 34-inch class (33.7-inch diagonal) flat UltraWide “WQHD” monitor features multitasking and multimedia capabilities that suit the needs of photographers and graphic design professionals. The monitor boasts a 3440 x 1440 screen resolution, providing an eye-popping level of visual detail and a 21:9 aspect ratio that expands overall screen real estate. LG’s 4-Screen Split feature allows users to divide the screen into four sections at eight different screen ratios. Adding even more versatility, LG’s Dual-Link Up allows the monitor to connect to two source devices and display each on a single screen simultaneously. It also comes with True Color Finder – a color calibration software, which ensures color accuracy for source material – a must for photographers and graphic designer professionals. The 34UM95 is compatible with both Mac and PCs, and possesses two HDMI ports, DisplayPort and two ThunderBolt 2 connections.

Also available for the first time in the United States this week is the new “LG Gaming Monitor” (24GM77). Gamers will especially appreciate this new 24-inch class (23.6-inch diagonal) Full HD 1080p monitor, which is specifically designed to handle the fast-paced action of the latest first person shooter (FPS) games. A 144Hz refresh rate ensures that even the most intense action appears smoother and virtually flicker-free, while LG’s Dynamic Action Sync (DAS) mode drastically cuts input lag, enabling the player to respond faster to what’s happening on the screen.

Availability and suggested pricing:

Digital Cinema 4K Monitor (31MU97): available now at retailers including Amazon, Fry’s, Newegg, B&H and Tiger Direct at a suggested price of $1,399.
Curved UltraWide Monitor (34UC97): available now at retailers including Amazon, Tiger Direct, Newegg, Fry’s, B&H and Adorama at a suggested price of $1,299.
UltraWide WQHD Monitor (34UM95): available now at retailers including Amazon, Fry’s, Newegg, B&H and Adorama at a suggested price of $999.
Gaming Monitor (24GM77): available now at retailers including Amazon, Micro Center, Tiger Direct and Newegg at a suggested price of $349.

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