Letus now have the Helix gimbal in an aluminium flavour.


Helix’s baby brother. Helix Jr, now available in aluminum. The aluminum Helix Jr is identical to the orginal Jr, excpet that it is manufactured out of aluminum in stead of magnisum. The aluminum version is 1 lbs heaveir than the orginal, magnesium Jr. (find the Mg version here)

Designed for DSLR and mirror-less cameras like the Panasonic GH4 and SONY A7s. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter. You can also read more about Jr. on the LetusHelix.com site.

By popular demand, we’ve developed a smaller Helix for DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. This will be an amazing product for event cinematographers! It’s a lot easier on the arms to shoot all day with a SONY A7s then it is with a fully kitted SONY F5 (although our full size 4 axis Helix makes that a breeze as well)!

The Helix Jr. shares the same wonderful ergonomics that made its big brother so incredibly popular. The handle width is a bit narrower since it does not need to handle big cameras like the RED. This makes it even more compact and non-intrusive than the full size Helix.

To shave weight, we’ve moved to more exotic alloys. Instead of the aircraft grade aluminum we normally use, we’ve opted for a magnesium alloy!This material is 1/3 lower density than aluminum (read lighter) but even stronger. It has the added benefit of even better vibration absorption. It’s expensive and dangerous to machine but the benefits are worth it!

You can fly it; or mount it to a crane, slider, skateboard, or anything else you can dream up that could benefit from a super light weight pan/tilt head.

So here’s another cool feature. We put a little Panasonic GH4 on the Helix Jr. and did some test shots. Then we replaced the camera with a great big Canon 1DC. ABSOLUTELY NO CHANGES TO THE PROFILE. Just swapped out cameras and voila! This makes the Jr. incredibly user friendly. No need to fiddle with board settings. Of course, you still can if so inclined. It shares the same board as the bigger Helix.


Magnesium alloy frame (2/3 the weight of aluminum with better vibration dampening)
Weighs 5.45 lbs (1.9 kg) in handheld mode
Weighs 4.85 lbs (1.7 kg) in “fly” mode and no battery
Payload capacity = 12 lbs (5.4kg)
Includes 2600 mAh Lithium Ion battery .5 lbs (0.2 kg)
16 in (40 cm) span handle to handle (handheld mode)
Quickly converted between handheld and “fly” mode in less than 3 minutes
Flat bottom design. Set it down without a stand (as it should be)
Super easy balancing
No software changes needed between camera swaps / weight changes
One Letus JuiceBox and charger is included!

See Letus for more information.

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