Wireless Lego follow focus from Hillbilly Grip Truck

Lego Wireless Remote Follow Focus

Rigjob shows off his silliest rigjob yet, a fully functioning wireless remote follow focus made entirely of Lego parts. (except for 2 rail mounts and the lens gear). In testing, the range was around 10 meters/30 feet) – about what you’d expect from bluetooth.

Although this was just a giggle, the unit worked surprisingly well on smaller cinema lenses. (on big primes that are hard to turn, the motor struggled).

The heart of the system is a pair of Lego EV3 control units, two “large motors” and enough lego technics to hold the bits together. Special thanks to the lego mindstorms facebook page and my boy for helping me figure out a few of the trickier bits. -Rigjob

There should be a more detailed writeup on hillbillygriptruck.com at some point.

Of course this is not the first follow focus made out of Lego blocks.

Here is another Lego follow focus made back in 2012 by DIY Perks

And of course there was that Lego 6-Axis Motion Control Camera Rig from the MovingCameraPictures’s channel

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