This Milo Motion Control Rig has been created completely out of Lego bricks.

The tribute Lego Milo was created by Yoursimo a designer who works only with Lego.

Amazingly the Lego Milo has full movement, running on a track with the ability to rotate, lift, has arm extension, head angle / outer arm, pan, tilt and roll control.

The Milo Motion Control Camera Rig is the most well-known and used motion control rig on the market.
Milo provides axes for Track, Rotate, Lift, Arm Extension, Head Angle (Outer Arm), Pan, Tilt, Roll.

Elements of LEGO MILO Motion Control Rig:
1 NXT Brick
1 Mindsensor TouchPad
1 HiTechnic IR-Link sensor
2 NXT Motors
1 Power Function Large Motor
1 Power Function Medium Motor
2 Power Function IR Receivers
1 Power Function Battery Box
2 RCX Mini Motor
1 RCX Touch Sensor

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