The LCDVFe has built-in features for precise image evaluation: Focus assist via red peaking over black and white, exposure assist with under and over exposure Zebras, 1:1 pixel zoom feature with positionable recall feature. The new EVF LCDVFe will run with on-board interchangeable batteries (4xAA) plus external wide band 4-16V DC input. Expect the monitor to be super sharp with a crisp 24bit 3” screen with 840×400 resolution.
Good news for RED owners the LCDVFe is RED Epic and Scarlet compatible.
Expect to pay around $750 for the LCDVFe.


The LCDVFe is an universal electronic viewfinder to be used for image monitoring on any imaging device with HDMI output.
Electronic viewfinder (EVF) aids on the fly focusing and has exposure “zebras” for achieving proper exposure. The EVF also has a flip up feature so the 3″ screen can be used without the optical eyepiece for those odd-angle shots – be it over the crowd or from down under. One of the EVF special features is the design familiarity from ENG shoulder cameras.

LCDVFe Electronic Viewfinder

● Focus assist A: 1:1 Zoom
● Focus assist B: Peaking (sharpness)
● Exposure assist: over and under exposure zebras
● On screen guides for different aspect ratios and composition
● Anamorphic squeeze (2.35/1)
● HDMI loopthrough
● 800×480 pixels resolution 3″ LCD panel (high brightness LED)
● 16 millions of colors (24 bit)
● Power: 4x AA batteries or wide range external DC input (3-16V)
● Video input: HDMI
● Video loopthrough: HDMI
● Firmware updates via integrated USB mini port

Go to LCDVFe for more information.

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