Nice quick test of some of the V.1 software features of the Kinotehnik LCDVFe EVF. Make sure you drop in on these guys at NAB and fondle the Kinotehnik LCDVFe electronic viewfinder.

Electronic viewfinder software features V.1 from KINOTEHNIK on Vimeo.

In volume 1.

1. Focus assist “Red Mercury” peaking on black and white
2. Exposure assist overexposure zebra (there are also options for under exposure and midtones + sensitivity)
3. Focus assist in standard (color) video image
4. Surprise feature for exposing skintones properly

The camera connected was Nikon D90 outputting 720P – notice that the image is scaled to full screen.

In volume 2.

5. Anamorphic scaling
6. 1:1 zoom with positioning and recall
7. Guides and composition aids.

See LCDVFe for more information.

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