Back in December we said to keep an eye out for the LCDeVF EVF project. Well we can now tell you that we can expect the LCDeVF Electronic Viewfinder to launch at NAB 2011 or as head of LCDVF and LCDeVF Tonis says “release at NAB or consider us dead.” Price point could be “something between Zacuto and Redrock” for the complete EVF; of course subject to market forces but could be less.

Expect all the same features on the LCDeVF that is talked about on other developing EVF’s but also cross your fingers for a few surprises.
So lets see what happens at NAB and keep in mind Cineroid the first to market with their EVF surely wont sit around resting on that one strong selling EVF. So that could make it 4 maybe 5 HDMI EVF’s at NAB.
Good times.

This is fast HDMI switching! from LCDVF on Vimeo.

Quite a few people have asked us on how long is the blankout when HDMI signal changes when toggling between rec and preview…
Framebuffer disabled with color bars enabled to show the actual HDMI switching delay when used with a Canon 5D MKII and T2i/550D. If the framebuffer is enabled it looks quite seamless but it’s kind of fooling the operator for some 5-15 frames. Anyhow when compared to any other device this is quite fast as the blankout on the only other HDMI viewfinder we can compare to is about 90 frames. And the other one claims just under 60 frames (two seconds).

LCDeVF Viewfinder CAD Drawing

Our solution works faster on Nikon DSLRs as Canon has some funky-i-frames (you can see 5 of these in the video) before the signal itself stabilizes. So it’s camera specfic and Canon DSLRs with 480P rec output are the worst. The cameras with normal HDMI output exhibit no lag at all.
The EVF overall startup time however is under 1000 milliseconds so we can’t implement any cool startup animations, loading bars, logos etc ;)…
For the LCD screen brightness reference: This was filmed with ISO dialed way down not to overexposure the screen when compared to daylight.

Go here for more info on the LCDeVF.
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