Over on RECON Jarred Land posted a quick message to say the Dragon sensor is coming along nicely with power supply / bottom end noise issues rejigged, and lens coverage tests are revealing good results.

RED Dragon Update

It is probably about time for an update.

Dragon is coming along well.. Graeme is working his magic and getting some incredible new color science buttoned up for when we are ready. REDCINE-X with Dragon support is ready. The Dragon camera firmware is complete. The Sensors and ASICs are performing like champs, its all down to the bottom end noise that was found in the power supplies, which have been redesigned and we should see those come in from manufacturing in a couple weeks.

The slice of production line is back from NAB and we are stocking up on all the mechanicals, sensors and ASICs so we can hit the ground running to do the upgrades when everything comes together.

I know everyone is eager and waiting.. thank you for your patience.

We have been doing lens coverage test on the Dragon while we are waiting.. and lens coverage is surprisingly good so far.. Hopefully I can grab Brook Evin and Phil one of these days soon with a van full of glass so they can put together some sort of master Dragon-Lens-matrix. The specs and assumptions of coverage don’t always match real life, so nothing is better than getting the actual lenses and putting them on the camera and taking a look. Jarred Land.

Please see RED for more information about the Dragon sensor programme.

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