Convergent Design is releasing a new Odyssey firmware update. Highlights include:

CD Odyssey7Q+ Monitor

– Odyssey7Q+ HDMI 4K->HD Supersampling

Smaller cameras such as the Sony a7S and Panasonic GH4 use fairly basic downconverters to output HD. Some cameras such as the Samsung NX1 don’t output HD at all. A new option on the Odyssey7Q+ will take in 4K/UHD over HDMI and use a high quality supersampling to capture excellent 2K & HD video in Apple ProRes. Improved MTF and color depth are apparent in the results.

– Additional Apple ProRes codecs

All three Odyssey monitor/recorders will add Apple ProRes 422 and Apple ProRes 422 (LT) to the Apple ProRes 422 (HQ) already available. In 2K & HD, recordable frame rates go up to 60p. In 4K & UHD (Odyssey7Q/Odyssey7Q+) recordable frame rates go up to 30p.

– Wired Remote Trigger

New accessory for all Odyssey models.

– F35 support

Now record 12-bit RGB DPX files from the Sony F35.

– FS700 100p/120p burst now recordable in 2K & HD ProRes

– For FS7 RAW material, a complete new post workflow with LUTs developed in partnership with Nick Shaw of Antler Post

– Prosoft Engineering now offers Picture Rescue 2 with recovery compatibility with all file types on Odyssey SSDs. The program is just $20.


Why Record Options?
4K->HD Supersampling Explained, with sample footage

For more: Convergent Design.

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